Jaco Beerends-Speaker (DHoM)

Post Date: April 17, 2017

Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission (DHoM)

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Philippines


Mr. Beerends has been a member of the Dutch Foreign Service (MFA) since 2001.

He started his diplomatic career as a trainer at Dutch Embassy’s worldwide when he instructed diplomatic staff, as well as operational and support staff, in relation to internal procedures and management information systems. In this capacity he trained and supported over 30 missions and consulates including those in high risk regions such as Afghanistan and Libya.

In 2005 he was positioned in South Africa where he worked as a diplomatic officer for 3 years. Returning the HQ in The Hague in 2008, Mr. Beerends worked at the Department for Fragile State Policies, focusing on post-conflict development and stabilization mechanisms. In that capacity he managed the Stability Fund, a 100 million euro’s revolving fund that combines development aid with security programs such as demobilization and security sector reform.

In 20011 he was appointed First Secretary at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he served up to 2013. One of his accomplishments there was to set up the basis for Dutch Marines to use Sri Lanka as a hub for boarding and offloading commercial vessels under Dutch flag, as part of the anti-piracy protection program. In 2013 he again returned to the MFA in The Hague to join the Crisis and Security Department. In this position he worked on the safety and security of Dutch diplomatic officers and their families worldwide. In his capacity as Deputy Crisis Coordinator for the Foreign Ministry he managed the MH-17 crisis in the first weeks after occurring.

In summer 2015 he was appointed Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Philippines.


Before coming into Government service in 2001, Mr. Beerends gained commercial experience in both consultancy and tourism. He also worked for the Dutch Royal family at the Noordeinde Royal Palace, in the treasury department. In Sri Lanka he was the Chairman of the Board for the School for Dutch Education (NTC).

Mr. Beerends holds a Masters’ degree in International Marketing and a Bachelor in Commercial Economics.